7 Critical Mistakes to Avoid When Searching for a Workers’ Compensation Doctor in Brooklyn

Are you looking for a Workers’ Compensation Doctor in Brooklyn?  After your accident, make sure you’re choosing the right doctor by avoiding the most common, crucial mistakes people make when searching for a physician. Making the right choices early on can save you lots of headaches as well as ensure your case gets handled professionally with the best possible outcomes.

Mistake #1. Going to their general practitioner rather than a medical practice that specializes in Workers’ Compensation.

We get it — you want to go to the Doctor you’re already familiar with.  However, this can be a big mistake.  Your primary care physician is swamped with regular clients with major medical insurances, and won’t be able to give you the time needed to look at your injuries, and may not be experienced enough to handle your case.  A practice that specializes in Workers’ Comp has dealt with thousands of cases like yours and understands the patient’s needs are more specific and require extra attention.  Choosing the right Doctor is key to getting the best results for your case.

Mistake #2. Going to an inexperienced Doctor.

While this may seem like a no-brainer, many people simply choose the first Doctor they look up without understanding the importance of looking at experience and credentials.  Your health is the most important thing in life, and you want to make sure it’s in professional hands.  A good rule of thumb for a physician is at least 20 years of experience.

Mistake #3. Going to a Doctor that doesn’t give credible, expert court testimony.

Your Doctor’s court testimony is a vital part of your case and a workers’ comp doctor has dealt with all the follow-up procedures such as keeping up with your injuries and going to court to give their testimony.  You want a doctor that is familiar with depositions and comfortable with in-court testimonies.  Check out the practice’s website to see if they offer expert in-court testimony, as that will have a significant effect on the outcomes of your case.

Mistake #4. Not looking at the Doctor’s online reviews!

Reviews are an amazing tool because people can leave their honest opinions about a practice so you don’t have to learn the hard way.  The more you know about your doctor, the better you’ll understand your recovery.  Check out Google reviews and other online reputation websites to study your Doctor’s reviews and ensure you’re going to get quality care and service.

Mistake #5. Not doing your homework on the practice.

Okay, so your Doctor has some good reviews and seems to have experience.  That’s only the first step.  Next, you need to check out what else the practice offers.  Your initial evaluation and followups are only one small part of healing—you’re likely going to need a slew of other resources.  Here are a few important features that the practice should provide:

  • In-House Physiatrist
  • In-House Neurologist
  • In-House Pain Management Doctor
  • In-House Psychotherapy
  • In-House X-ray and electrodiagnostic testing

Almost all injuries need follow-up physical therapy to help you heal completely and get you back to normal.  Make sure that they offer in-house physical therapy services because when you’re injured, you’re not going to want to travel back and forth from your Doctor’s office to a physical therapy office.  It’s going to be a huge hassle and can wear you out when you’re hurt. Not all offices have in-house neurologists, pain management doctors and psychotherapy, so it’s best to look for one so you know all these doctors will have good relationships from working together, as well as save you from running all around Brooklyn to get services that could be together. In-House X-ray capabilities and electrodiagnostic testing will keep you from leaving the doctor’s office and having to wait for another appointment when it can all be done conveniently at the same location.  Make sure to look over workers’ compensation doctors’ websites carefully to ensure they have all the right services to make your case easier for you.

Mistake #6. Not checking to see if the office is wheelchair accessible!

An often overlooked service is to actually check and make sure your doctor’s office is wheelchair accessible.  Can you imagine being injured and going all the way to a practice just to find out they don’t have a ramp, or you have to go up flights of stairs on crutches?  You need to do a quick search to make sure the office you choose is wheelchair accessible and can accommodate you no matter your injury. *Did you know 22% of medical and surgical subspecialty practices indicated in a recent survey that they could not accommodate patients in wheelchairs?http://www.amednews.com/article/20130513/business/130519969/5/

Mistake #7. Going to an office that’s not conveniently located.

Choosing an office that is either near you or near major spots of transportation is incredibly important.  Nothing will wear you out faster than having to go out of your way, while injured, just to get to your doctor’s office.  Even if your doctor’s office is only 20 minutes away, 20 minutes away walking is much different that hopping on a subway and only walking 5 minutes to a doctor’s office.  It’s also nice if the office has multiple subways close by to them so you’ll always have a convenient way of getting there. Finding the right Workers’ Comp Doctor in Brooklyn is important for your recovery, but can be overwhelming with all these crucial factors to consider.  Maybe you need a little help finding the right practice.  Park Avenue Trauma prides itself in having overcome all of these different obstacles, and you can get more information on our website or by calling us at 877-COMP-DOC to speak to an accident specialist today.

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