What we are doing to stay safe amidst Covid-19

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If you are a patient that needs to come into our office during the upcoming weeks you can be confident and assured knowing that we will be following all personal safety guidelines handed down by the CDC to the letter.

As healthcare professionals, you can imagine that we have always strived to prevent the transmission of disease within our walls. Surfaces are regularly sterilized, hands washed, and anyone feeling under the weather asked to stay home. However, the challenge of curbing this particularly virulent disease requires that we put even more strict measures in place.

Our first measure is to replace any and all possible appointments to our telemedicine service. While many of the services we provide here at Park Ave Trauma require patients to come in person, reducing the number of people we have in the facility at any given time will also reduce the chance of possible transmission between patients. In this same vein, we will also be limiting any non-patient visitors. Whenever possible please travel alone.

It is also asked that patients follow guidelines for physical distancing while visiting our offices (as our staff will do as well). While seated in the waiting area please remain at least 6 feet away from all other patients as much as possible. You might notice changes in our seating arrangements to facilitate this. Please avoid coming within this 6 foot area when interacting with staff as well, unless it is absolutely necessary for your treatment.

You may also notice significantly more personal protective equipment (PPE) worn by all staff members. As all citizens have been advised to wear facial coverings when out in public, this is particularly important to do when visiting any healthcare setting. By wearing these face masks droplets that would otherwise be expelled when coughing, sneezing, or just speaking will remain contained within this mask. These droplets are the key in the spread of this disease. By keeping both our faces, and those of our patients, covered then we can greatly reduce any disease transmission between the two.
In addition to facial coverings our staff will also wear disposable gowns at all times. These act as a barrier between our clothes and any aerosolized droplets that have the potential to be trapped in fabric. These gowns will be replaced between patients to further prevent any spread.

You can be confident knowing that everyone here at Park Ave Trauma is doing all we can to keep you healthy.

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