Treating Muscle Pain After A No-Fault Auto Accident

A common injury from a no-fault auto accident is muscle pain and soreness.  While you may have other injuries, you will almost certainly experience soreness, muscle aches, and pains that are not visible but can be just as debilitating. These injuries can be more challenging to identify and treat, but after a no-fault auto accident, there are some things you should pay attention to. When you are in an auto accident, your body tightens to brace for the impact. Because of this reaction, your muscles to be pulled and torn. However, after an accident, the adrenaline coursing through your body can hide the pain and injury until later that day or even several days later. As your muscles relax and the stress of accident goes away, you can experience muscle pain and soreness. It is essential to be aware of this, and if you have symptoms, you need to seek medical advice. This is also an excellent reason to visit a doctor experienced in no-fault auto accidents even if you don’t think you are injured as the issues may arise days later. Your doctor can help you know what to look for and ensure you are prepared to deal with your injuries, and develop a treatment plan for your recovery.

5 Steps to Relieve Muscle Pain

When you have muscle pain, it can be frustrating to deal with and recover from these injuries because of their nature. You can take a few steps to relieve the pain and speed up your healing process, and the top 5 are outlined below.


Simply put, rest is a critical component of healing. Resting allows your muscles to have the time they need to recuperate from soreness and injury.

Stay Hydrated

One of the most underrated but helpful steps you can take to help with muscle soreness is staying hydrated. When you allow yourself to become dehydrated, your muscles tend to be tighter and can also lead to more cramping. After a no-fault auto accident, your muscles are stressed, and you need to stay hydrated to promote healing and keep them from tightening and causing more pain.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a more formal approach to dealing with muscle strains and injuries. Your physical therapist will design a set of exercises and stretches designed for your specific injuries. Physical therapy generally starts with light stretches and which increase in intensity over time.

Massage Therapy

Many people turn to and have success with massage therapy for muscle soreness. This can include all massage types, including general massage, deep tissue massage, and even hot stone therapy. Massage therapy helps to relax tight and sore muscles after a no-fault auto accident and relieves muscle soreness and pain.


Yoga is a great way to relax and deal with muscle soreness from an auto accident. Through breathing, relaxation, and gentle stretching, yoga can help your body recover and relax, reduce muscle soreness and pain, and promote healing.

While your body is healing from a no-fault auto accident, you need to pay attention to all the signs your body gives you. If your feel sharp or worsening pain or your muscles don’t seem to be healing, you need to find a doctor and seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

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